The last time

But then it hit me. We are never ever going back. The realization felt like a punch in my stomach, a heaviness in my heart. That once called normality it’s gone.

When was the last crowded metal concert I enjoyed stuck between so many people I could barely breathe? Covered in sweat and beer, not always my own.

When was the last time I went to a dinner with friends or to a bar for some beer and trivia night? Was it the Disney one when I realized I gotta rewatch many movies or the Rick and a Morty one that we almost won?

When was the last time I went with my friends to the beach and ended up tired, burned and happy? When was the last time I tasted the salty water of the Ocean on my skin?

When was the last time I walked through a touristic place looking to items to decorate my home and new local cuisine options to taste?

When was the last time I pretended to be brave and read out loud my poetry to a crowd?

All those experiences that once seemed like regular every day activities are now cherished on my memory like the dearest and sweetest moments to be treasured, like those secret untouchable places to go to in times of desperation and loneliness. Amazing how the same moment already lived, can change once you gotta look at it through different glasses.

Today’s glasses are called pandemic. And we all shall have to re-learn how to live and love and interact with one another.

Be safe. Be brave. Be alive.

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