english, poesía

Nevertheless, she persisted

There will be times

when you’ll feel nothing it’s scarier

than letting go

and end up with empty hands.


And then one day you’ll realize,

it was necessary,

you needed your hands

to learn how to hold yourself.


You’ll look back one day

and whisper to the nothing:

“Nevertheless, she persisted”.


That day I felt broken yet complete.

Shattered but beautiful.


There I was,

there I finally was,

that surrealist place we talked about

so many times,

there I was

and you were not by my side. 


I let myself be filled

with the magic of the ambiance

and suddenly a pray long forgotten came to me:

«The joy of nature

so no loneliness can take me down.

The liberty of a bird

so I can choose my path». 


My eyes were closed and I was smiling.

The sun caressed my skin,

like you once did but warmer;

the wind made my hair even messier,

like you once did but gentler.


For a second I was one

with the nature surrounding me.

I felt peace instead of loneliness,

I felt whole instead of empty.


I did it love,

took me a while

but I’m finally fine.


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