english, poesía


No no no

it was not possible,


after so many years,



Time stood still,



Eyes on me

my gut whispered and I looked,

I shouldn´t have looked,

and on the other side of the glass,



All those joyful and painful memories

long gone, forgotten or so it seemed,

came back in a blast,



For the brief seconds our eyes met,

I was once again

a twenty something naive girl, 

my knees were trembling,


my heart was racing,


I refused to belive it,


it was really you,



I couldn’t breathe,

and then,

realization came,

struck me like a lighting bolt.


And I,

I am really me,

but not the one you met,

that ingenious girl died,

she drowned in tears and regrets

and I’ve never missed her.


This woman I’ve become:

strong, confident, brave.

This woman I adore

way more I ever adored you.



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