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Curvy & Proud

«Love the skin you are in» @theashleygraham 

_DSC0035eneroI am not (nor will I ever be) size ZERO, not even in my ‘teens while I was struggling to love myself and feel not-so-ugly. I am not ashamed of that period of my life, because for me, is an example that you can always grow that personal love.

One must accept its limits and learn to love oneself. In my particular case, I have naturally wide curves (Thanks dad for those southeast Mexican genes) and I have learnt to love them and be proud of them.

Today I was (Not for the 1st time in my life) body shamed (for the n-th time…), but like the small drop that finally overflowed that glass: I had enough and I will not go silently into the night. Something as innocuous as an avatar shared on a group was replied by saying «It doesn’t look at you at all, it is thin».

And of course, most people might say «don’t over react» or «don’t make it more important than it is». But too many comments like this, especially from people you are not even friends or close with, can exhaust one´s patience and if you have self-esteem issues, it can affect you even more.

Sadly, we live in a world of extremes: On one side, publicity is flooded with impossibly thin or super ripped role models; and on the other side, we have the growing «Body acceptance» movement, but to an extreme of acceptance, and love and pride of morbid obesity. Both extremes are WRONG, but many people don´t get it, and not only do they apply this sick ideas to themselves, but they impose it on the toward people around them.

The goal should be very simple: HEALTH. Being healthy is what most likely (Because not even that is for sure) will enable a longer and easier opportunity to enjoy life.

I’m healthy, I get physical exams and blood tests on a yearly basis to prove I am fit to work on offshore oil rigs, I try (Sometimes I fail) to eat as healthy as possible and exercise a lot by training for triathlons.

It took me years but today, at 29 years old, I am a woman who truly and deeply loves herself, who accepts every flaw or imperfection of her body, who is curvy and proud.

I will not be ashamed or bullied for being naturally curvy. I love myself, I love my small waist, wide hips, and my long legs. I will never stop trying to be the best version of myself, within my limits, accepting them is part of the maturity process I think. I accept I am not perfect or «proportioned», that my skin has scars and marks: Perfection is an impossible goal, and that should never be what one aims for in life.

More love and acceptance and less body shaming, please. It is in our hands and our hands only, make of this world, a world we would like to raise the next generations in.

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