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Between dreams and desires

It was a warm and quiet night, we were in a room and suddenly a piano appeared. You smiled at me and moved to the piano:

– I owe you a song. Remember?

– I do. I said, smiling back and trying not to look nervous.

You started playing and singing one of your songs, my favorite. I realized I was failing on that «Don’t look nervous» plan of mine. I closed my eyes to enjoy your voice and music even more. I felt so calm and at peace, that I wished the moment could last forever.


But it didn’t and the song finished. Before I had a chance to open my eyes, I felt you sitting next to me, and without opening my eyes I knew you were both smiling and looking at me. My heart started beating so fast, for a second I feared you could hear it.

– I finally sang you one of my songs. One more thing we can scratched from our «To do list». You whispered in my ear.

I told myself «Be brave» and opened my eyes ready to face yours. You looked so beautiful, I could see myself in your tender and sweet eyes. I know you probably noticed my nervousness as you reach for my hand and kissed me on the cheek.

It was a perfect moment, I felt so happy, I felt like right there was my place, that I belonged there, in that moment, with you. I thought «I am finally going to kiss him«.

Then I woke up. It was just a dream. I had dreamt with you, it was such a vivid dream that for one brief moment I thought it was real, I wish so bad it had been.

It had been so real, I fool myself. That is not common at all, you see, most of my dreams are like watching a sci-fi or fantasy show, some are too weird, I´ve always thought I have too much imagination.

Last night was different, more than a dream, it seemed like a projection of one of my deepest desires: YOU.

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