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Some goodbyes are necesary

At first we just sat there, in the comfortable silence of two beings who have given each other body, heart, and above all, soul. Only the wind dancing between the trees kind of made a soft song.

I took all my courage and turn to face him, God! His eyes, just staring at them made me remember why I had fell for him the second I met him, so deep, so mysterious and however, so capable of the most transcendental love I had ever know.

He was the first to talk:

-I’d loved you once you know-

Just hearing his accent made my knees tremble, good we were sat I guess. I somehow manage to maintain composure long enough to answer:

-I do know-

-You must also know I’m deeply sorry it didn’t work out-

I couldn’t take it anymore, no matter how gently he apologize, how much he might never meant it, he had break my heart, so I stopped maintaining composure and said:

-Your sorry because you didn’t fight for us? Please, you can blame the destiny, our faith, all the circumstances you like, but they all would be excuses. Go, I don’t want to ever see you again-

I think he was surprise for the fortress of my reaction, the security I spoke up my mind. Maybe it was the fact I did not beg for him to stay.

He simply gave me half a smile and stand up. After a few steps in the opposite direction he turned around, as to give a look for the last time. His eyes had changed; the spark in them was gone.

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