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So there I was, standing all distracted, as usual, trying to look not so nervous, thinking if I indeed looked gorgeous or not so much, I guess insecurity from my teen years liked to pop sometimes in my confident grown up self.

Suddenly I felt a presence behind me; I smiled, not that he could have notice it being in my back, but I did. Not a pair of seconds had passed, when he moved his hands around my waist and hug me while pulling me closer to him. I hug his arms with mine, enjoying the closeness of our bodies, the warmth of his skin through our clothes.

Words seemed unnecessary while delighting myself with the moment, treasuring it in the corners of my memory forever. We stood there not saying anything a while more, when then he simply kiss me in the neck making my whole body shake.

I’m finally here’ He whispered in my ear and I then turn myself back so we could face each other. That’s when I realize he was smiling too, and somehow I knew he had been smiling since he saw me standing in the distance waiting for him.

Me, the girl that always has something to say, an opinion to share, a statement to make, was speechless, all I was able to do was keep smiling. Perhaps he noticed my happiness was too much and clouded my usually good ability with words that had helped a lot to make him fell for me, because then he added ‘And you know? Now I’m not gonna let you go’ just to then kissed me like no one had ever kissed me before, making me realize that indeed, he wasn’t going to leave.


Picture by Vrede Zij

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