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In the dark

For a few minutes we both stood there, in the dark, in absolute silence holding our hands. I knew that if I dare to speak, the tears I had been holding while trying to pretend been strong, would run free to my cheeks. He pressed my hand between his, as if he were refusing to let me go.
Finally he said ‘We are gonna make it work my love’. I wanted to believe him so badly, but I had been lied so many times before and my heart was so marked with scars from my past, that I was afraid, no, not afraid, terrified, to give myself completely again. And as someone one said, a woman’s heart is ‘the most vulnerable thing she can offer to another’, but receive it, be blessed with it, makes you feel ‘Only passion for living, and for loving, become your sole reality’.
And there we were sit on the edge on the bed, holding hands, not knowing what was next, if the destiny had crossed our paths only for us to decide if they should become one and the same, for us to walk it together.
He moved me delicately to face me, so our eyes met once again, and without saying anything else, kissed me. His kisses made me feel like I was burning, but this time, they calmed me. After that, I realize no tears were treating me to scape, so I manage to keep my voice calm and answer to his previous statement ‘I know’.
Then he smiled at me, and I knew those arms were going to be my home from that day to all the ones I had the gift to live.

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