cuento, english


-Let’s dance under the storm- I said raising my voice so he could still hear me through the wind that kept moving the trees not that far from us. I smiled at him with that secret smile I only use when I’m certain I will succeed.
I wasn´t gonna stop and wait for his answer. So I started running backwards to the open door, my eyes on him, the smile still painted on my lips. He didn´t say anything, and as if he were spelled by me, he started walking without taking his eyes from me.
Then I turned around and start running to the storm. It was colder than I expected but somehow, comforting. No shoes on, I could feel the grass underneath me, fresh and alive; it was as if the earth was connecting its energy to me. Well, maybe it was because of those bottles of wine we had been drinking early that night.
Anyway, I reach the biggest tree in the edge of the woods and stopped just to be reached by him. His arms suddenly around me, a rush of energy, this time his and mine, pass through my body, I smiled again. He smelt my hair and I turned around to face him.
He looked amazing in that rainy night, I remember and is like be there again, in that magic moment. His hair a mess from the running and the raining made him look even more attractive. His eyes fixed on mine made no words necessary to know what he was thinking, but most important, feeling.
For a few seconds neither of us said anything, we just stood there, in the middle of the storm, under that tree, cold and wet. Maybe we knew that was going to be the last time we saw each other, I don´t know, but we tried to extend the moment like trying in vain for it to last forever.
Then I put my arms around his neck and hi put his around my narrow waist. I felt like if we belong there, to that place and to each other. A single tear that could easily be confused with the rain that never stopped all that night ran over my check.
Finally he said –It will always be you-
-I know- was the only words that my chest was able to pronounce
What happened next that night, over and over, belong only to us, for our love will always be sacred and secret.

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