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Somehow I knew it, it was the end, that raining was everything but normal, the Ragnarök was finally here and I wasn’t sure we were ready. I tried not to look nervous, especially in front of her, who even now looks calm and, of course, gorgeous.

Since I met her, she had always been such an attractive mystery, almost as tall as me with amazing and strong legs and such a narrow waist that made me daydream pretty often. Always wearing dark colors, always with her hair up, her smile rarely appeared on her face, but when it did happen, the day seemed more colorful.

Then she woke me up from thinking remembering me that it was indeed, the end of the world as we knew it.

– C’mon Jerry, we need to start moving faster if we want to have a small chance to make it –

An armed group came out of nowhere and started gathering all the people together, most of them were too scared to even wonder who they were  or what was going on. But not her, she put on a yellow raincoat and gave me one –This will be enough for now – She said and I didn’t doubt her, so I obey her right away and put it on.

I followed her to her house, I knew it wasn’t the moment, but while running, for our lives, literally, down that so-many-times-walked-path I couldn’t avoid remembering, that it had been under the shadow of one the trees nearby where we had kissed for the first time.

We entered her house through the kitchen door. She quickly walked to the shelves on the left, and after moving the groceries aside, sank her arm inside it and pushed something, a button I guess. Then the pantry doors moved and a wall appeared in front of us,  stuffed with all kinds of weapons. She took a small backpack from another shelf and started to fill it up with guns, grenades and similar.

– You can use this Smith & Wesson – She said while passing me a small gun, then she grabbed a big rifle and when she looked at my shocked face a sexy smile illuminated her, then she added – Winchester has always been my favorite – and gave me a hunting knife after taking one for herself.

I guess even while I was trying to look like discovering that side of her was no big deal and remaining calm with the whole end-of-the-world situation, my facial expressions must have betrayed me for a moment, ´cause she held my hands (and I must say her skin was as warm and soft as always, even with that cold rain) and looked deep into my eyes saying:

–As long as we have each other we will survive this– I felt inside my heart she was speaking truth. When I started feeling better, she smiled at me again and let my hands go just to grab my face and kiss me one more time before we started running again.

Her kiss was slow and tender, passionate enough to leave me breathless, I surrendered to her as always, giving myself to that precious moment, and for those minutes that felt like days, I forgot I was afraid.

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